1. VLC - Tutorials

  • VLC - How to Add Logos/Watermarks over Videos in VLC Media Player?

    If you want to add a logo or watermark while playing videos in VLC Media Player, then you can just use the available effects and filters. The overlay video effect is what comes into use. This effect will allow you to load a .jpg or .png picture or logo. The position of that logo over the video can be customized [...].

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2. GIMP - Tutorials

1. How to Changing the Size (Dimensions) of an Image (Scale)
2. Changing the Size (Filesize) of a JPEG
3. How to Crop an Image
4. How to Rotate or Flip an Image
5. How to Create a Simple Floating Logo
6. How to create a circular-shaped image.
7. How to using layer masks to modify the opacity of a layer.
8. How to use the Curves tool and adjusting color tones in an image.
9. What the GIMP Profile is and how to use it.
10. How to Selecting the best image format
11. Extending GIMP with new plug-ins, scripts, brushes, and more.